Guide: How to play a job created in GTA Online’s content creator

Guide: How to play a job created in GTA Online’s content creator

Since I had trouble finding how to play other players created jobs, I figured more people may have the same problem and decided to help out by writing this guide.

Note that there is no way (yet?) to access other players jobs online unless Rockstar has verified them or that you have previously added them to your game by following this guide.

Also note that in order to do this, you first need to create an account at Rockstar Social Club and then linking it to your PSN/Xbox account.

Have you done that already? Good!

Now you need to find some jobs on the social club and add them to your game.

Either click your way on the Social Club to find Games -> GTA V -> GTA Online -> Jobs or click here to go to the job listings page directly.

Click the “Add to game”-button on the job you have chosen (see bottom left corner in the image below).


Here is a quick link to the very first race I created, feel free to try it out!


Great! The only thing left to do now is to start up GTA V on your fine machine and start playing. Note that you have to re-start the game if you have followed this guide while still having GTA V running.

Happy job hunting!


Life Invader


So Rockstar has opened up the lifeinvader.com website. Some blogs talk about this as a very clever marketing trick. I believe it’s much more than that.

If you stalk companies on lifeinvader, you will get actual discounts in the game (not sure if this is single player only). For example, stalking Warstock Cache & Carry gives you 10% on your first purchase.

Small spoiler.. I saw from images of the brady game guide that this beauty costs $450.000 to purchase. 10% of that means $45.000 that you can spend on other things. Not so bad is it?

Here’s the big one though, I think that lifeinvader will go beyond being just a marketing trick and a way for you to save a few dollars. I think lifeinvader just might become your new Facebook.

We know you can take pictures with your phone including selfies (pictures of yourself). Now Rockstar tells us we can use their ripoff of Instagram to upload to your profile on lifeinvader.

Social Club members can also share in-game mobile photos online via Snapmatic and qualify for exclusive discounts on select in-game purchases through Lifeinvader.com.”

This probably means that we will soon be spending office hours browsing lifeinvader instead of Facebook. We can see what our friends have been up to both ingame (using the iFruit phone or internet cafés) and in real life surfing the lifeinvader website.

Pretty cool! Looking forward to it.



Tattoos and robbers

#GTAV This feature that you are encouraged to fill your entire body with tattoos, does that not clash with being a bank robber? Having a tattoo that the police easily can identify you by seems rather stupid.
Ah well. I guess Rockstar chose the fun path with this one.

Only three days left now! Feeling psyched!


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No spoling please

#GTAV Only V days ledt now! There are a couple of videos of gameplay out there. Try your best to avoid it. If you’ve waited five years, you can wait five more days.


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Seasons to be revealed this week?

#GTAV Today there’s exactly two weeks left until we finally get to lay our greedy hands on GTA V.
I think that this is Rockstar’s last window to reveal something big. What big stuff is there that they have not already revealed?
I think it’s Seasons. We know there is a calendar and we know there will be snow but Rockstar have not said much about this. I think they will this week.



If I was Rockstar..

So the game files were sadly leaked.
Information about the featured songs and even in-game TV is sippering out to the public. This is both very sad and aggravating. How could Rockstar allow this to happen?

Either way. It is now a fact.
What can now be done to minimize the damages?
To hunt down every piece of the leak and make sure that as much as possible is for sure.
Here’s another idea though, dominate the news flow!
Release new info everyday and make sure that most of the buzz will be about information that you control.

And for the rest of us.
Please try hard to avoid the spoilers. I know it is hard to resist the cravings for new info and screens and footage but I know it will be worth it. I have failed this the last couple of days but I will try harder.



Soundtrack reveal on Tuesday?

The soundtrack was leaked this weekend through the PSN pre-load file. I’m a bit disappointed in Rockstar for allowing this to happen. Various lists of the content of the radio channels are now circulating the web. Do yourself a favor and try to avoid reading any of it. Especially avoid the lists of facts from the storyline that people have picked up from listening to the radio chatter. It will spoil the experience of playing for you.
Instead be patient and let Rockstar present this in their way.

I think Rockstar’s plan was to release this information the coming week and since it is now already leaked, they really have no reason to wait.
Therefor, I predict they will do this on Tuesday.
If I’m wrong, I’m not off by much. We’ll see.



Blitzplay and Heat

#GTAV #Heat

Blitzplay is a grand tribute to Michael Manns heistmovie Heat (1995)

I watched the the movie Heat yesterday. If you have missed it, it’s one of the best heist movies ever made with a top cast of actors when it came out in 1995. It is also one of the biggest sources of inspiration for the mission Three Leaf Clover in GTAIV.

However, it is also a huge inspiration to the Blitzplay mission in GTAV. The scenes where they hit the armored van is almost an exact replica. Check out these screens and compare.

Heat is a fantastic movie and one of my all time favorites. See it, it’s a good warm-up to GTAV.


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What, no meth?

#GTAV #Breakingbad

GTAV got an ESRB rating now. Here’s a tidbit from it:
“Some sequences within the larger game allow players to use narcotics (e.g., smoking from a bong, lighting a marijuana joint); cocaine use is also depicted. Players’ character can, at various times, consume alcohol and drive while under the influence.”

Does this mean there’s no crystal meth?
Was it not somewhat confirmed that Trevor would have a meth lab and assumingly go all Breaking Bad on us?
I’m disappointed.
I love Breaking Bad and would love to see a spin-off on that.

27 days left now. The wait will be over in a jiffy.


Still to be revealed

We have four weeks left before the release.
What are Rockstar still holding back to be revealed and thus increasing the hype even more?

Here are a few ideas.

* Seasons - How they work out and screens of snow
* Soundtrack - Radio channels of course
* The rest of the now locked content on the home page
* Camping - See the picture of the car with bags packed on the roof
* Character creation for GTAO - Perhaps released in advance for people to play around with?
* Disasters? It’s a long shot but there are rumors about tremors being included in the game

At least a few of these should make the cut.


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